Copyright 2003 (c) 2003 Elden Armbrust & affiliates
Released under the GNU GPL.
Please see LICENSE.TXT for full details.

The format used in this program is three decimal divided digits.
For more information see the end of this document.

11/06/2003 - 1.3.2
- Bradley Hook joins in development.
- Major rewrite of Postgres testing code by Bradley.
- Added sqLite testing. (Extremely BETA).

11/05/2003 -1.2.1
- First Public release!
- Added Postgres SQL testing.
- Restructured mysql testing to include random md5 hash test
- Major overhauls to system and CSS interface added.
- Lost shell script ability.

11/04/2003 - 1.0
- First incarnation of myBench.
- Simple shell/web script to torture mySQL.

Version Definitions:
The version format is M.m.R
A major version change would be the M, a minor version change
would be the m, and a revision would be the R.
(e.g. Version 4.1.6)